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    Mineraldrink – 500 ml

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    Mineraldrink provides valuable minerals for breeding pigeons and youngsters in times of increased need, such as egg laying and during the rearing of the young pigeons. Mineraldrink is able to compensate mineral imbalances. The trace elements copper, manganese and zinc also ensure important metabolic processes in the organism of the pigeons.


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    Energie Ol 250ml – energy – by Rohnfried

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    Energie Ol 250ml by Rohnfried is feed supplement and energy for Racing Pigeons.

    – Muscle development
    – Energy source
    – Lecithin source

    Energy oil is a natural energy supplement from a mixture of complementary, high quality, cold-pressed oils. The fish oil content provides unsaturated fatty acids and the lecithin ensures smooth lipometabolism. The rice germ oil content promotes muscle development.

    vegetable oils and fats (rice germ oil 15,0%, peanut oil 10,0%, soybean oil 10,0%, beet oil 10,0%, sunflower oil 10,0%, corn oil 10,0%, sesame oil 10,0%), Fish oil (salmon oil 10,0%).

    Analytical ingredients:
    crude protein 0.0%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude fat 97.8%, crude ash 1.1%, sodium 0.00%, methionine 0.0%, lysine 0.0%.

    Additives per 1000 ml:
    Technological additives:
    Lecithin (E322) 45.000mg

    Dosage recommendation: During race 1–2 times per week mix 5 ml with 1 kg of grain feed. Dry this mixture slightly with RO 200 ready

    Bottle of 250ml

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    • Flugfit Flughopper Dragees

    • Vitamin supplement
    • Strength
    • Stamina

    Flugfit Flughopper® Dragees supply pigeons with high doses of vitamins, amino acids, honey, and carbohydrates. The significant benefit of Flugfit-Flughopper Dragees is based on the special way it is made to release the nutrients several hours after it is given to a pigeon. This ensures that the pigeon has all the power it needs to come home.

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    K+K Protein 3000 by Rohnfried

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    K+K Eiweip 3000 by Rohnfried is an easily digestible protein concentrate made from animal and plant proteins with a crude protein content of 65%. In addition to muscle development K+K Eiweiß 3000 supports digestion with the siliceous and healing earth it contains. K+K Protein 3000 also contains valuable immunoglobulins which support the immune system and thus strengthen the body’s defences after the flight. The added limiting amino acid methionine ensures smooth protein metabolism and excellent plumage development during the moult.

    Digestible animal protein.
    – Drawn from egg white.
    – Encourages the exchange of oxygen between cells, allowing a much faster recovery of doves tired from the effort.HOW TO USE:
    – 2 tablespoons (20 grams) per 500
    – In contest season, 4 consecutive days starting the day of return.
    – During the breeding: 4 times per week
    – During the move: 4 times a week

    Format: 600gr
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    Gervit W by Röhnfried 500ML

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    Gervit-W by Rohnfried, the Number 1 Multivitamin
    – Simply the finest Multivitamin preparation on the market, Gervit-W is a rich golden-red sticky liquid containing 18 high quality vitamins that is trusted throughout the pigeon world.

    – Gervit-W is invaluable in any professional loft as it provides all of the birds vitamin requirements and can be given in the water or added directly onto the food, making it both practical and economic to use with minimal waste.

    – For increased vitamin needs such as for example after treatment, special stress situations, etc.: several times a week 10 ml per 2 liters of water or 1.5 kg corn.

    – Breeding, moulting and travel time: 2 times per week 10 ml per 2 liters of water or 1.5 kg corn.
    During the journey not the operating day

    – Rest of the season: 1 time per week 10 ml per 2 liters of water or 1.5 kg corn.

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    Rohnfried Entrobac

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    Rohnfried Entrobac

    • Rohnfried Entrobac is a feed supplements for pigeons. It contains probiotic bacteria and special prebiotics that are needed to populate the intestinal flora as best as possible.  Entrobac is ideal for restoring the intestinal flora during or after strains, change in feed, stressful phases and treatments.
    • The bacterial strain contained in it is stable against many antibiotics and therefore  Entrobac is perfectly suited to restore the intestine during and after antibiotics treatment.  Entrobac promotes a healthy gut flora, strengthens the immune system and represses harmful germs such as E. coli, salmonella and clostridia. The bacteria also produce metabolites that act against fungi.
    • ✓ Intestinal stabilization
    • ✓ Stable against anitbiotic
    • ✓ Inhibit fungi
    • Feeding recommendationsIn general: 5 g (1measuring spoon) per 1kg feed or per 1 l drinking water

      Racing season: For 2 days after the flight.

      Moult & breeding: 2 times a week

      Young pigeons: 2 days before and 2 days after each show flight and prize flight

      After treatments: 10 g (2 measuring spoons) per 1 kg feed.

      To restore the gut flora after treatments, always feed for several days in a row.

      Can be fed together with Avimycin and  K+K Protein 3000.

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    K+K Protein Dragees

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    Coated K+K protein®  tablets contain readily digestible animal protein. This protein is extracted from top quality blood plasma. It also contains methionine, lecithin, and magnesium to support the fast recovery of racing pigeons. The tablets cause hardly any metabolic stress. Therefore, they are wellsuited for the individual supplementation of pigeons arriving late from a flight or very exhausted pigeons.

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