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  • Belga Wormac

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    • BelgaWormac 60 gr against roundworms & tapeworms for pigeons
    • -The new miracle (dewormer) against roundworms (Ascaridia, Capillaria) and tapeworms in pigeons
    • – Easy to administer, highly effective and without any negative side effects
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  • Belgabac

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    BelgaBac by Belgica de Weerd is a highly concentrated water-soluble powder of probiotic electrolytes which improves the intestinal balance by reactivating and increasing the intestinal flora. BelgaBac rebuilds the micro flora after antibiotic treatments and after vaccinations. Also it stimulates the immune system and prevents the pigeons from stress.

    – In all cases of intestinal disorder (bad droppings). BelgaBac suppresses the growth of pathogen bacterias, and is also effective in cases of stress and after antibiotic treatments and vaccinations.

    – 1 sachet per 2 litres of water daily or over 1 kg of grain 2 times per week. During stress situations the dose must be doubled and prolonged for 5 days.

    5 Sachets of 5 gram each

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  • Vitaboli Pills

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    Vitaboli pills is a vitaminic B complex for racing pigeons.

    – Blood producing and strengthening.
    – Stimulates speed and endurance.
    – Vitaboli can also be used in the case of sudden poisoning.
    – It also improves the fertility of elder stock birds.

    – 1 or 2 pills before basketing and after tough races
    – 2x daily 2 pills for all other problems

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    4 in 1 mix powder

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    4 in 1 Mix – PMV-infections – by Belgica de Weerd is super combination remedy with spectacular results in case of Adenocoli-syndrome, Intestinal Infections and watery droppings due to former PMV-infections in Racing Pigeons.
    – Adenocoli-syndrome
    – Watery droppings due to former PMV-infections (paramixovirus)
    – Intestinal Infections
    – 1 sachet per 2 liters of water or 1 kg of grains, 6 – 10 consecutive days.Can also be used in combination with Belgasol: Add 2 tablespoons Belgasol per 2 litres of water for faster results.* Grain can be moistened with diluted Belgasol, vegetable oil, garlic oil or water down lemon juice.

    5 sachets of 5 gr each

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