ZuPreem Embrace Plus


Hand-Feeding Formula:Scientifically developed to deliver the most precise nutrition possible for baby birds. Scientists and nutritionists at ZuPreem® believe hand-feeding a baby bird is one of the most fulfilling experiences of bird ownership. Because feeding and caring for pet birds is a lifetime commitment, getting chicks off to a great start is the first step towards health and longevity.

Embrace™ Plus contains moderate levels of protein and high levels of fat for larger species with higher-energy requirements. For macaws, African greys, conures, Amazons and Indian ring neck parakeets during growth.


  • Type: Hand Feeding
  • Brand: ZuPreem
  • Breed: Macaws,African Greys,Conures,Amazons,Indian Ringneck Parakeets
  • Size: 5 lb Bag,10 lb Bag


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