Versele-Laga Ferti-Oil 100ml

Versele-Laga Ferti-Oil, a 100% natural product that enhances fertility. For Pigeons and Birds

Ferti-Oil is an oil based product pure wheat germ, enriched with vitamins A, D3 and E (fertility vitamin). It provides an easy posture and simultaneously. Reduces the risk of unfertilized eggs are made.

– Improve fertility
– Provides an easy pose and simultaneous
– Decrease the percentage of unfertilized eggs.

– To prepare breeding: manage eight days before mating until the position of the second egg. Mix 1 teaspoon daily (50 drops) Colombine Ferti-Oil in 1 kg of feed for breeding. Pigeons show increased arousal and almost all placed on the same time. The Ferti-Oil is essential if farming mainly winter.
– In the case of widows, is used to raise libido and get fitter in the campaign.

– Bottle of 100 ml, 250 ml

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