Omni-Vit (Verse-laga) Powder

Versele Laga Omni-Vit is a balanced blend of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements.

• For optimal condition
• For better breeding results
• For optimal development of chicks
• In conditions of weakness or stress
• In cases of decreased resistance due to infection

Vitamins, amino acids and trace elements are dietary components that are essential for a good metabolism. With heavy exertion, illness or during growth the supply of these essential components via the food may be insufficient and so Versele Laga Omni-Vit is recommended.

Versele Laga Omni-Vit contains only vitamins, amino acids and trace elements with a high biological availability, which ensure an optimal development of proteins in the body, essential for good breeding and condition.

25grm and 200 grm

Additional Information

Manufacturer Versele-Laga
Item Condition New
Indications Nutritional supplement, Vitamins & Minerals
Format Powder
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