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Forma-Vit by Oropharma – Versele Laga

Oropharma Forma-Vit is a vitamin tablet enriched with L-carnitine. This dietary supplement provides essential vitamins and optimal energy supply during competitions and ensures increased crop milk production during the breeding season. The complete multivitamin blend provided by Forma-Vit pills is essential for pigeons in periods of heavy exertion such as during competitions and the breeding season. The addition of L-carnitine ensures increased production and optimal composition of the crop milk. L-carnitine decreases the production of lactic acid with the combustion of fats during the competition. This means that the pigeons can use their muscles for longer and that they can fly for longer at an optimal speed without muscle cramps.

Directions for use:
– 1 Forma-Vit tablet administered directly in the beak.
– Short distance: the day before basketing.
– Middle and Long Distance: the day before and the day of basketing.
– In cases of reduced condition or after illness: twice a week.
– During the moult and breeding period: twice a week.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein       11,91      %
Crude fat       9,07      %
Crude ash       1,55      %
Crude fibre       3,79      %
Sodium       200      mg/kg
Nutritional additives: 
Vitamin A       5.500.000      IU/kg
Vitamin D3       550.000      IU/kg
Vitamin E       26.000      mg/kg
Vitamin K3       700      mg/kg
Vitamin B1       900      mg/kg
Vitamin B2       1.100      mg/kg
Vitamin B6       1.500      mg/kg
Vitamin B12       6,6      mg/kg
Vitamin C       47.000      mg/kg
Biotin       9,5      mg/kg
Folic acid       710      mg/kg
Choline bitartrate       43.300      mg/kg
Nicotinamide       28.000      mg/kg
Pantothenic acid       5.500      mg/kg
L-carnitine       155.000      mg/kg

– Lactose
– Cellulose

Small box  50 tablets

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