Probac Aerosol by Dr. Brockamp for the prevention of acute respiratory infections, wet eyes and ornithosis


* Excellent preventive, 100% natural, against Infections respiratory, ornithosis and watery eyes.

* Has a fungicidal effect.

* Expectorant antiviral

* Anti-inflammatory properties

* Strengthens the body’s defenses.

* mprove the digestive process

* Removes mucus from the upper airways, favoring breathing.

* Stimulates the secretion of bile and enzymes in the digestive tract.

* Regenerates the intestinal flora


Aerosol Probac combines 15 essential oils containing active substances such as:

– Anethole,

– Borneol,

– Carvacrol,

– Cineole,

– Citral,

– Eugenol,

– Geraniol,

– Safrole,

– Terpineol,

– Thymol,

– vanillin

– cinnamaldehyde

Instructions and dosage:

– Aerosol Probac greatly increases its effectiveness in combination with Probac 1000.

– Dosage: 1ml of Aerosol in 2-3 liters of water be administered as a prophylactic measure 2-3 times per week year-round. This should then also be followed by the addition of 5g of Probac 1000 in one litre of water.


Bottle of 250ml

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